Painting Made Easier

Being a professional painter for more than 20 years, I have accumulated a knowledge of tips to make painting a far less aggravating task. You must have professional tools to get a professional looking job. I use at least contractor grade tools. I cut in with a 2 1/2 inch sash brush. It is far easier to use a quality brush and one that feels good in your hand.

I stopped using roller pans years ago. Professionals use a 5 gallon bucket and screen. There is much less mess with a bucket and screen. You will find that applying paint with this method is much better and the roller can be stored in a bucket so you can finish the job later. The screens usually cost around three to five dollars and can be used many times over. Five gallon buckets can be purchased also.

On most walls, I use a half inch roller. Use quality rollers or you can wind up with a fuzzy finish. Cheap roller pads tend to shed and can turn a simple job into a nightmare! Always use a good quality roller frame also. You don’t want the pad constantly slipping off or the frame bending.

The key to rolling paint on a wall is to keep the roller wet and let the roller do the work. The most common mistake in rolling is when one dry rolls the paint. Never roll all of the paint out of the roller. You will work twice as hard and your job can turn out looking bad because of streaks.

There are hundreds of gimmick painting tools available but simple professional tools can really save you money and headache on any painting project.