6 Popular Myths About Home Inspections

1. I’m getting an appraisal so I don’t need a home inspection.

The appraisal is performed for the benefit of your mortgage lender to protect their interest. A pre-purchase home inspection is performed for YOUR benefit to protect your interest as a homebuyer. An appraiser may find some defects and will often recommend specific repairs or updates, but the primary purpose of the appraisal is to determine the value of the home.

A home inspector will inspect the home from roof to foundation and everywhere in between, and report on the conditions of structural and mechanical systems. How many years until the roof needs replacement? Is the foundation solid? Where are potential sites for water intrusion? These are questions your appraiser would not normally address.

The appraisal is normally a mandatory out-of-pocket cost for homebuyers, while the inspection is optional. You may wonder if it is worthwhile to spend money on a home inspection, when you know that you still have to pay for the appraisal. Your home is a significant investment. Skipping the home inspection may save a few bucks today, but could cost you thousands later on.

2. The seller has to fix everything the home inspector found.

The inspection report is NOT a fix-it list for the home seller. In fact, with a few exceptions for municipal code compliance, the seller is not required to make *any* repairs to the home. That said, if the inspection turns up significant defects, it is a good idea to talk to your Realtor to figure out what, if anything, the seller is willing to fix or contribute towards repairs.

If the seller is agreeable, it is normally in your best interest to get an estimate for a repair and ask the seller to pay towards that or lower the selling price, rather than having the seller fix it themselves. You want to be sure the repairs are done by a licensed professional, not the seller’s cousin “Handy Andy.” Lastly, remember that a home’s purchase price is just the beginning. You will need to budget for regular maintenance and occasional repairs in order to keep your home in good shape.

3. I can just get Uncle Bob to look at the house for me, he has remodeled houses for years.

I’m sure Uncle Bob, or your friend or cousin with decades of construction experience is a great guy who knows plenty about homes. I absolutely agree that you should bring him along to your second showing, where you decide if you might like to put in an offer on your chosen home. He could be able to give you a good idea of the condition of the home and maybe even spot a major defect.

However, a 20 minute look around is NOT a home inspection. The Realtors are not likely to allow Uncle Bob to poke around for 2 hours or more without a license or insurance. If you are able to renegotiate your purchase contract, can you imagine coming to the table with,”my Uncle Bob says the roof needs to be replaced… ?” You need a qualified, licensed and insured home inspector and a professionally written inspection report.

4. New homes don’t need an inspection.

It is true that building codes have become more stringent in recent years and that they are often designed with safety in mind. However, the municipal code inspector who issues a certificate of occupancy is rarely spending a couple of hours closely inspecting the home.

Many builders do not allow inspections during the building process due to liability issues. That does not mean that the home cannot be inspected after you move in. It is common for many new homes to be sold with a 1-year warranty. Make use of your warranty by having the home inspected during the first year. The most popular time to do a home warranty inspection is in the 11th month.

5. Homes sold “as-is” don’t need an inspection.

How do you know what “as-is” includes without a home inspection? The seller must disclose known defects, but what about defects that are undiscovered?

You may not be able to renegotiate the price of an “as-is” home based on the inspection report, but remember that is not the purpose of a home inspection. The inspection will give you a more complete picture of the conditions of your chosen home, beyond the sellers disclosure. A home is a significant purchase, and the home inspection is an important tool to help you determine if you are making a sound investment.

6. A home can pass or fail an inspection.

A home inspection is an unbiased assessment of the visible conditions of the home. Under no circumstances should an inspector offer their opinion on whether or not you should purchase the home. To do so is a severe breach of ethics.

Many homebuyers have not considered this, so a common question posed to the home inspector might be “Would you buy this home?” My honest advice is this: you can change everything about a home except it’s location. You need to figure out how much you are willing to spend on updates, what defects you are willing to live with, and whether the home you have chosen fits your criteria. Hopefully, the inspection will be a useful tool in making this decision.

Home Interior Design Ideas For Beginners

So you have decided to do interior of your home on your own, without hiring interior designer? Great.

I am sure you’ll find ideas in this article series pretty helpful. I’ll try to make this as easy as possible, for you.

Let’s start.

Design plan – We-interior designers – never start any design work, without starting with a plan & so should you. The first thing you must have is a detailed design plan.
Your design plan should include –

a) Area / part of your home you want to renovate / design- First decide on which room in your home, you want to work on. Don’t make a mistake of starting with all rooms, dining room & kitchen & Bedroom. But select only one – at least for the starters.

b) List of changes-
Write in your design plan – what changes you want to make in the selected room. If you skip this, then later on it becomes sort of patched room. And it looks messy.

c) Budget –
I hope this is self – explanatory. How much money you want to spend on decorating interior of your home? Your list of changes could help in deciding on the budget.

d) Layout of your home-
On a blank sheet of paper, draw outline / layout of your home. It shows various rooms. You don’t have to be perfect, but draw room sizes using some scale.
Then on another piece of paper, draw furniture pieces you are already having.

Now with all these, you are ready to start decorating your home. First take the cut pieces of furniture & place them in various positions on layout. See what you like most. Play with the ideas. Then decide on one.

Then start the changes one by one. It is going to take time. But once it’s finished, you’ll love your home even more.

Practical Kitchen Renovation Must Knows Ideas

Your kitchen is easily the most significant room in the home for everybody and in addition it provides a vast remodeling investment when it’s time. So, planning and realizing remodeling your kitchen ideas is really a sensitive issue thinking about time, money and energy that’ll be spent.

It’s the centerpiece of the house useful for cooking, eating, and congregating. Yet today, kitchens will also be designed as being a definite growth of the family room born from people’s busy lifestyles and the cost of living. Due to work, people are usually together rarely however the desire is up to ever. So when it’s time, everybody wants to stay in the dining room table with no one loves to wander any longer to some distant family room. People stay in the kitchen area more than any other vacation spot in the home after they sit back. So, applying your chosen kitchen renovation must knows ideas effectively is actually of due importance to provide your loved ones and buddies emotional warmth just from being together.

Kitchen renovation must knows ideas now can include a spare time activity area, a location to talk with buddies or perhaps a space for kids to experience. Remodeling your kitchen in the whole could be pricey, yet you will find modest alterations that may dapper up the look of your kitchen area without upsetting your funds. A small tweak in some places could produce incredible results.

There are many popular and affordable options of remodeling your kitchen area. You will find five the following.


Painting your kitchen together with your favorite shade of color could be easy and simple to complete, whether your intent is definitely an absolute update of color or purely presenting splatter of added tint in to the area. The ingenious utilization of paint denotes a financial budget-friendly method to invigorate your kitchen area.


Probably the most practical and affordable method to alter the ambiance of the kitchen would be to modify your lighting. It can be done by providing a gentle light background for your whole kitchen to decide on the mood from the surroundings, modifying the sunlight just for a particular work space to determine things correctly or installing lighting fixtures overhead to highlight the architectural designs and ceiling of the kitchen.

Wallpaper Decoration

You are able to decorate your kitchen area walls with wallpaper as the second option. Wallpaper may be the excellent alternative for that finest-outfitted walls. Natural, tinted and splattered walls cannot equal for that splendor, resilience and quality which wallpapers convey. Whatever modes you need to convey, there’s always a wallpaper to convey it.

Updating Your Cabinets

Updating your kitchen area cabinets is easily the most cost-effective resolution for those who don’t want down the sink some time and funds on the vast remodeling venture. Remodeling your kitchen area cabinets is really a valuable investment if you choose to place your home available on the market. The guise of the cabinets can sway a possible buyer’s purchasing decision. Painting your kitchen area cabinets is among the most cost effective methods to revise the feel of your kitchen area. Or reface your cabinets using plastic laminate, rigid thermo foils or hardwood veneer for any wood-grain effect.

Replacing Your Countertops

A kitchen area countertop includes a significant effect on the complete ambiance and flair of the kitchen. Replacing your kitchen area countertop is really a minimal method to quickly brighten up the look of your kitchen area. Durable countertops made from granite help make your moderate searching kitchen stick out. For a number of consumers, getting a countertop that lasts lengthy, sturdy and classy for example gemstone may be worth the selling price. Another less pricey alternative is applying plastic laminate. Although less durable than granite it requires much less maintenance.

Tips to Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture is designed to withstand considerable impact from the elements, but winds and rains can still leave your furniture in need of a good cleaning. Moreover, if you have kids, you already know the mess that chocolaty fingers and melting popsicles can leave on your patio set. Whatever type of furniture you own, you’ll need to learn the optimum way to clean it. The following tips can help you keep your outdoor furniture clean and in its best possible condition.

Wood Furniture

To clean your wood patio furniture made of cedar, redwood, or pine, you’ll need a soft scrub brush and a cleaner designed to be used on wood. First, you’ll need to scrub the wood to loosen any dirt and debris. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the cleaner and finish by hosing off any residue. Be sure to wear rubber gloves when performing cleaning tasks. If you prefer, you can also mix up your own cleaner with one quart of water, ΒΌ cup of ammonia, and two tablespoons of white vinegar.

For teak furniture, which is popular, you can use a teak cleaner and follow the instructions on the bottle. If you don’t have teak cleaner, “[a]pply mixture of 1/4 cup laundry detergent and one quart bleach to one gallon water. Allow to remain on for 10-20 minutes. Scrub with soft bristled brush and rinse with garden hose.” (Source: “How to Clean Outdoor Patio and Deck Furniture”, Today’s Homeowner) Again, use a soft brush to loosen dirt before applying the cleaner and rinse with a garden hose to clean until your desire needs.

Metal or Wrought Iron Furniture

To clean your metal or wrought iron furniture, simply add some dish soap to a bucket of warm water. Dampen a soft scrubbing brush and begin cleaning your furniture. If you notice any rust spots while cleaning, rub them away with some sand paper. After rinsing your soap from the furniture, you’ll need to apply some primer and touch-up paint to any bare spots you removed rust from. The touch-up paint will prevent rust from returning so you can keep your furniture in optimum condition.

Plastic Furniture

To clean plastic furniture, you can use a touch of baking soda and a damp sponge to perform cleaning tasks. The baking powder makes a great abrasive. This method also works well for resin-molded furniture. Once each piece has been scrubbed free of dirt and debris, you can rinse them thoroughly with a garden hose. Although plastic furniture may not be designed to last as long as other types of patio furniture, it is a breeze to clean.

Removable Fabric Covers

In most cases, you can clean cushion covers by removing them and washing them in your washing machine. However, don’t use the clothes dryer to dry them. Replace them on the cushions to dry in place to reduce the possibility of shrinkage.

The advantages of Selling Your Old Home

Are you living within an old home? Maybe you have wanted to reside in a completely new home? Well, maybe it’s time to sell your old home and buy the house of your dreams. However, many people don’t like the idea of selling their old homes due to some sentimental value. People ought to be advised that selling your own house isn’t as bad while you think. Actually, there are plenty of benefits that you could have whenever you undertake the choice of promoting your own house.

The very first benefit is you can generate money in the old house you have and provide you with the opportunity to purchase a newer home on your own. You are able to really dispose a house which has weak foundations and transfer to some more powerful home which you’ll live in for a lot of decades. The cash that exist in the sales from the old home will help you get yourself a newer home. You will subsequently be given the opportunity to choose on the home that you will desired to have.

Another advantage is you can begin a new existence inside a newer home. You don’t have in which to stay a house where you can find a lot of things that aren’t really getting used. This is actually the inclination if you have a classic home. You’re able to stock things even when they’re no more needed. By selling your own house, after that you can start once again and merely have things that you’ll require. This gives a cleaner and tidy which could help you stay much more comfortable.

Selling old homes can provide you with the opportunity to eliminate the troubles from termites along with other unwanted pests. Old homes are vulnerable to colony formation of various kinds of unwanted pests. Getting unwanted pests around can provide you with a great deal larger problems because these can harm other activities besides the home itself.

If you want to sell your own house and transfer to a different home, you are able to really find pros who will help you find prospects rapidly and simply. Selling your old home don’t have to be considered a problem. You need to simply consult pros who assist individuals selling homes to be able to easily sell your old home and start a brand new existence inside your new house. Old houses may also be improved first before selling it. Should you still want so that you can sell your old home inside a better cost, you need to simply have broken areas repaired to ensure that possible clients will discover it helpful and engaging.