Choosing the Best Commercial Roofing Contractor

These contractors are the ones that are responsible for repairing or installing the roofs of commercial buildings. These can include office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, and more. Commercial roofs come in all sizes and shapes and are made from a variety of materials. It can be daunting choosing the best commercial roofing contractor, especially if this is the first time you have had to hire one. Although there is no foolproof way to choose them if you just follow some basic business precautions it can help to make sure that a quality roofing job is done. One important step is to make sure that they are operating legitimately. Some of the things that could help to indicate that the contractor is legitimate can include have the willingness to produce evidence of regional and state licenses, a permanent address of the company that is verifiable, and a warranty program that is fair. If they hesitate at providing certification proof or will not guarantee materials through a warranty, or guarantee professional workmanship may not be legitimate. A professional commercial roofing contractor will be happy to give you a written proposal of the work to be done and cost.

A professional commercial roofing contractor will generally provide a range of choices for the roof but there are some that specialize in a certain type of roofing like shingles or metal roofing. Make sure that you check with the contractor if they specialize or have many range of choices so you can get the desired finish and look of your commercial building that you want. If you would need a specific type of roofing make sure to ask the contractor about their experience in putting on that particular type of roofing. Ask to see examples and pictures of previous jobs that has similar requirements like you have. If it is possible you can call previous customers to see how their roofing experience went with the contractor.

Most will have a website that you can visit so you should look at their customer reviews as these can be very important when deciding which commercial roofing contractor you are going to hire. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are registered complaints against them. If you are concerned with environmental issues, look for a green roofing commercial roofing contractor. These are the businesses that specialize in using environmentally safe installation procedures and sustainably sourced materials. Make sure that you ask the contractor exactly what makes them environmentally conscious because saying they are a “green roofing contractor” could just be an advertising gimmick to get new customers.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles – Popular For a Reason

Advantages of Asphalt Roofing Shingles

There are four basic reasons. Asphalt roofing shingles are:

Widely available
Easy to install

You will never need to look for a specialist in exotic roofing to install and do maintenance on your roof is you choose asphalt roofing shingles. Any roofer will have plenty of experience working with them, while roofing materials like slate demand special training in handling, cutting, and laying on the roof.

Asphalt roofing shingles, like all types of roofing materials, are available in different grades. The higher grades of shingle, of course, cost more than the lower ones, but the wise homeowner will pay the extra expense upfront and avoid having to pay to replace damaged shingles in the future. Class IV shingles can stand up to hailstorms with no problem.

Asphalt roofing shingles now come in a wide range of attractive colors and not just the familiar gray, and are constructed of a combination of fiberglass and an organically produced blend of paper and felt with an asphalt binder. Organic asphalt roofing shingles will cost more than older ones, but they weigh more and are less apt to tear away from the roof in sever weather. If your home needs re-roofing, going with organic asphalt roofing shingles could pay off handsomely should you ever decide to sell.

Many asphalt roofing shingle manufacturers back their products with warranties which last for decades. If you have a favorite manufacturer of specialty asphalt roofing shingles, like eagle or Elk, you can request that your roofing contractor to order those

Maintaining Your Asphalt Roofing Shingles

You shouldn’t expect, however, that your new asphalt Roofing shingles will last indefinitely without help from you, and you should take the time to inspect your roof every two years. That should be often enough to prevent minor problems from developing into major ones, as you discover any damaged or loose shingles. One of the big advantages of having asphalt roofing shingles is that they can be replaced very easily because of their wide availability.

Another factor overlooked by many homeowners concerned with properly caring for their asphalt roofing shingles is the ventilation in their attics or under-roof crawlspaces. There are times when the variance between your home’s exterior and interior temperature will be extreme, making your roof shingles much colder on one side than the other. Continued exposure to wide temperature variances will put severe stress on your shingles. What can you do?

Create an insulated buffer zone between the underside of the roof and your attic or crawlspace, and you will effectively eliminate the stress on your shingles. But before you do that, you need to remove any traces of water, damp, or mold from your attic or crawlspace!

Is It Time to Replace the Roof?

If you have lived in your home any length of time, then chances are, you have had to do at least some form of roof replacement or repair. If you have not had to make any repairs, then now is a good time to have your roof inspected and see what, if any updates might need to be made.

However, if you are already debating whether or not you need to have the roof replaced, then there are several things to keep in mind as you make the decision. Each of these by themselves do necessarily mean roof replacement is a must, but they should definitely have bearing in the decision.

1. Can you see light? Crawl up into your attic. If you see light coming in through the roof boards this is definite sigh that it is time for a new roof! While you are up there, you can also check the insulation. If it is damp or you see signs of leaking this also indicates the time for a new roof has come.

2. What’s in your gutters? When shingles begin to age the granules will come off and will typically end up in your home’s gutters. This is a good indicator that a new roof will be needed sooner rather than later.

3. What’s around your chimney? One of the first places that will show wear and tear in a roof is the shingles around the chimney flashing. If Your flashing consist of roof cement or tar, you may not necessarily need a new roof, but it is time to replace the flashing with a more long-term water-tight fitting.

4. Are all the shingles there? Take a walk around your home, or go up on the roof, and look around. If you see missing shingles then you will need to replace them. This would also be a good time to call in a local roofing repairperson to check on the overall effectiveness of your roof.

5. Does your roof have valleys? Valleys may be beautiful in nature, but when the ones in your roof are sagging more than normal – usually due to excess snowfall or rain- they are signs of trouble in your roof.

6. Are your shingles lying flat? Your roof’s shingles should not buckle or curl. If you notice that curling or buckling call in a roofing replacement pro to assess your roof.

7. How old is your roof? The average asphalt roof has a lifespan of 20 years. If your roof is nearing this age, you may want to go ahead and make the investment sooner rather than later.

Having a roof replacement is not something most of us look forward to, but like many things involved in home ownership, it is something that must be done. If you have questions about the state of your roof, talk to a pro in your area. In the Twin Cities, one such company is that of Eastern Roofing. A professional roofing company will be there to help you make an informed decision. Don’t wait until the damage is sever. Be proactive – you may be able to prevent a serious problem down the road.

Standing Seam Metal Roof – A Lot Of Benefits

If you are searching for any new roof or perhaps upgrade of the existing roof, then think about a standing seam metal roof. Metal roofs are a good option for supplying lengthy term defense against the outdoors elements and also have been popular on the majority of structures for a long time. There are lots of things to consider when searching at metal roofing.

A standing seam metal roof has numerous benefits. Though it might not be the least expensive method to roof the structure, the downside is big. Possibly the biggest benefit is the fact that these roofs need less maintenance through the years than any traditional roofing. Neglect the in one of these simple roofs is going to be came back many occasions over.

Metal roofs installation is becoming increasingly more efficient too. It requires a shorter period and understanding to set up a standing seam metal roof of computer will a traditional roof. Many metal roofers will work to help refine this method. A few of these roofs are extremely simple you are able to set them up with only six standard and customary tools.

The presence of older metal roofs continues to be present today on the majority of structures. This implies that metal roofing has shown the ages. Metal roofing also makes the price of the rooftop less expensive than an alternate, therefore benefiting the customer. A standing seam metal roof is a superb option for both contractors and homeowners.

This sort of roof lasts a lengthy some time and looks attractive to the attention. Shoppers are selecting them simply because they can choose from among numerous colors and designs that exist. When tested, the roofing has suffered winds well over 100 miles per hour, as well as their capability to reflect sunlight enables these to melt snow or ice that drops in it. They’re also environment friendly because they are constructed from materials which typically have gone through recycling.

Selecting from all of these roof styles reduces energy expenses, be considered a lengthy lasting addition and provide you with a attractive investment. It’s reported that you could conserve to 20 % in your energy expenses, because of the metal from the roof blocking the change in heat. Purchasing the types of standing seam metal roof is a decision that pleases at this point you and later on.

The Essentials of Roofing Equipment

Because roof installation and repair is best performed in warm weather, having to move the roofing materials around can be even more cumbersome. So roofing equipment has evolved form the simple tape measures, hammers, and roofing nails of yesteryear to some more sophisticated equipment today.

Basic Roofing Equipment
Every certified roofer possesses a small utility blade which will allow him to precisely cut asphalt shingles, but roofers experienced in working with slate, metal, or tile roofing material have specialty cutters as part of their roofing equipment.. Most roofers have also replaced the traditional hammer with a nail gun, which can be run off an electric line, a battery, or an air compressor. But the hammer remains in every professional roofer’s toolbox, to be used for removing any old roofing nails.

A ladder, of course, is one of the foundation pieces of roofing equipment for any roofer, because without it there would be no roofing jobs completed. But the roofing contractor of today often has an electrical lift attached to his ladder to do the work of hoisting those eighty-pound packs of asphalt roofing shingles up to the roof, rather than carrying them up on his shoulders.

Power Roofing Equipment
Those roofers whose roofing equipment does not include an electrical lift must rely on heavily reinforced ladders with the strength to handle the weight of the singles in addition to the weight of the roofer. But for really big roofing jobs, those roofers can rent electrical lifts by he hour, until they have transferred all their shingles to the rooftop.

The best certified roofing contractors will have as part of their roofing equipment air compressors to power their nail guns and whatever other electric tools they need. If they are installing a roof on a new building which has not yet been connected to the electrical grid, these contractors can power their air compressors with the building’s generator. Those air compressors can come in very handy on hot days, when they are used to run small refrigerators and keep plenty of cold beverages on hand!

Safety Roofing Equipment
Every responsible roofing contractor, of course, considers safety to be the number one concern at a job site, and his roofing equipment will reflect that concern. His roofing crew will have safety goggles to use when either rewiring a roof or cutting wood, as well as when using any electrical roofing like a nail gun to attach shingles.

But the most important piece of safety roofing equipment is, without a doubt, the rope and harness, which enables workers to install Roofing materials on a steeply sloped roof. Many a roofer has been saved from severe injury or even death thanks to a harness supporting him above the ground instead of allowing him to crash into it after taking a misstep while working on a roof!